Vermut Del Sol

Vermut Del Sol is a red sweet vermouth handcrafted in a small family vermoutherie located in Seattle, WA.

At Solera Bravo Wines we employ the traditional Solera aging method to make our Vermouth Del Sol. We start by macerating over 20 herbs and spices (organic whenever possible) in muscato wine produced in Washington. Next we sweeten the vermouth to balance the bitterness of the herbs. We then fortify our vermouth to 16% ABV with American brandy that has been aged in American Oak for 3 years. We age each new batch for several months before blending it with older batches in the Solera method to create a rich and smooth vermouth.

Tasting notes: Bittersweet with distinct notes of citrus, star anise, clove, and vanilla. Dry finish.

Try Vermut Del Sol over Ice, with soda and a twist,
or in your favorite cocktail. Our favorite is in a 50/50 Manhattan.